Stitching Sample Weights For Pennies – Actually!

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Stitching patterns are usually printed on a light-weight and flimsy paper. No drawback there – besides that gentle and flimsy means it’s prone to be blown or nudged away at first probability! You want some solution to set the sample in place on high of the piece of material you’re slicing.

Most individuals observe considered one of two conventions – they pin, or they weight.

Pinning works positive – you pin the sample to the material. Draw back is that that it takes further time to do all that pinning. Plus – if you should transfer or alter the sample later, you’ve acquired to un-pin and re-pin to take action!

Weighting is less complicated – simply use some stable weights to carry the paper in place. Fast to do and straightforward to regulate! You have to be cautious to not use weights with sharp edges else you might tear the paper.

Stitching shops promote quite a lot of low and flat weights appropriate for this goal. Some individuals use cat meals or tuna fish cans – however you’ve acquired to watch out of these edges.

Or – you would make your personal weights for pennies. Actually!

Sew a number of small baggage from scraps of material, then stuff them with a hand of pennies! Shut up the bag and also you’ve acquired a safe sample weight with a comfortable backside that “adjusts” itself whenever you set it in place (so no torn patterns!).

It’s straightforward to stitch a handful of those sample weights – takes little time and also you’ll dissipate these material scraps which are too small for the rest. Plus, it’ll solely price you pennies!

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